1. What documents are needed to Send or Receive money?

An Original Valid ID
Additional documents may be required for compliance purposes if requested by the compliance department based on the amounts and transaction repetitiveness

2. How to Send Money?

3. How to Receive Money?

4. What are the general terms and conditions for Money Transfer?

5. How to Cancel a Transaction?

Once approved, WHISH MONEY agent, will pay back the amount as mentioned on the new WHISH MONEY money form.

Count the money and sign on the WHISH MONEY money form.

6. How to locate a WHISH MONEY agent location in Lebanon?

Check the locations on the website, click here.

Call us on + 961 1 788 999 or drop us a WhatsApp message on +961 1 788 999

7. How to know if the transaction sent has been collected?

An SMS will be received once transaction is collected by the receiver

For more info Call us on + 961 1 788 999 or drop us a WhatsApp message on +961 1 788 999

8. What types of IDs are accepted to Send or Receive money?

9. How much money can I transfer?

Local transaction limit is between 3,000LBP and 15,000,000LBP (for transactions above 4,500,000 LBP compliance conditions apply)

10. Who is able to pick up the money I sent?

The beneficiary must be present in person with a valid ID matching the name of the recipient and knowing transaction details: LTN number, sender’s first and last time, approximate transaction amount

11. How much it will cost me to send money inside Lebanon?

Click here to check local money transfer fees

12. How to become a WHISH MONEY agent?

Click here to fill the required field and our representative will call you
Or call us on + 961 1 788 999

13. What other services are available?

To know more about WHISH MONEY services, click here

14. Do you provide international money transfer services?

International money transfer is available through GCC and UREMIT currently